“Exploring the Human Experience using Theatre Arts.”

Since 1999, Ripple Productions, a family theater company, has used theatrical productions and some short film to realize its mission: Exploring the Human Experience from a Christian point of view.

Growing out in a local church as a small video based ministry idea, Ripple soon turned to a live production and by 2009, staged more than 35 plays in venues throughout Chattanooga, including Memorial Auditorium, and McKenzie Arena. Productions included ‘The Angel Dimension’ , ‘Last Train to Nibroc’, ‘The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe’, Nighthawks‘, ‘Where He Lies‘, ‘That You May Believe‘, ‘Two from Galilee‘, ‘Scewtape‘ and others. One regular program, and one of the larger logistical productions Ripple has produced from 1999-2012 is the Resurrection Scene as part of SonRise Resurrection Pageant, produced in Collegedale.

Over the years, Ripple has been blessed with many resources in equipment, costumes, props, and set pieces to support the growing scale of its productions. This growth made it more difficult to continue the scale of production, while utilizing multiple venues. In 2008, Ripple purchased the theater space located at 3264 Brainerd Road near the Brainerd, formerly the ‘Backstage Dinner Theater‘. In 2009, Ripple staged a 6 production season in this 85 seat theater, attracting more than 5500 people, and creating a large following and excitement. And then the rains came. The storms that threatened to wash Nashville and other cities away, overwhelmed this little building. From January 2010 to present, Ripple has been weathering both the storms of water and the economy, saving and raising funds, repairing as time and support materialized, and praying for God’s leading.

Today, we are excited to announce the re-opening of Ripple Theater on June 17, 2014. The re-opening will launch with a Ribbon Cutting hosted by the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce on Jun3 17 at 4:00pm, followed by a debut production produced by a new partner, Shakespeare Chattanooga, founded by Janis Hashe. Ripple Productions and Shakespeare Chattanooga have recently formed a partnership to work together to build up quality theater in Chattanooga, and we’re very excited about working together. Both companies will work primarily as separate theater companies, both utilizing the space of Ripple Theater.

In addition to a theater space, the building will now be structured to host more than just shows. It is ready to hold classes, events, meetings, and other gatherings, and function as both a Performing Arts venue, and a Community Center.

Looking ahead, Ripple Productions is excited about the opportunities to serve the community and our great Scenic City. Whether using Shakespeare, Dickens, CS Lewis, or original work, Ripple Productions will continue a high standard of excellence in everything it produces, using theater, film, and outreach to explore the human condition and experience using theater arts and education. Together, we can realize an ever-increasing Arts Community, and help Chattanooga become the city it’s destined to be.